Saturday August 2, 2014

I called about a used 2013 BMW C650GT a scooter with 311 miles on it, the person who answered the phone was rude a Ass H***. I asked why the dealer why was the new owner selling  his brand new bike and he told me he had health issues (thats code for he is full of shit). I have owned two BMW motorcycles and the only thing I have ever had a problem with was the fucking lazy dealers who intentionally mislead potential buyers just to sell them over priced accessories as if wearing a Harley tee-shit made you a biker, so I add another dealership to my list of people I will never buy anything from and they go right next to BMW of Daytona, FL. So if I were you I would look for a Honda because of the six or seven I have owned I have never run into pricks that seem to flock to work at BMW shops they are bottom of the Port-a-Jon dwellers. Don’t get me wrong BMW makes the best motorcycles in the world but BMW does not care who represents them in the United States.

Cassey BMW, Newport News, VA. I have been talking with Duncan Sullivan via email about a 2009 BMW 740Li, a five year old car with 60,000+ miles on it I asked if I could pay with euros something that anytime they have to buy parts from Germany to repair a BMW they have to pay in. And they told me that they would be happy to except my Euros but they would have to tack on a hefty percentage, I am already paying $50,000.00 cash for one of their used BMWs that they had to buy in order to sell one of their new ones and I guaranty that they gave no more than wholesale for it. So, you would be better off going to Germany and buying one from there, than to try to make a deal with Duncan Sullivan at,  Cassey BMW Auto group.

Hello I am Myron Babler back in 1992 I got a letter from the Red Cross that the blood that I donated at a blood drive was contaminated with Hepatitis C  and had to be destroyed, I was floored not knowing anything about this condition or even how I got it or if there was even a cure. So that put me on the quest to find out as much as I could, and mind you that this was 1992 the internet wasn’t really up and running at that time and I have never been a big reader but I set out on a quest to learn as much as possible about this topic. I was told back then that I had a life expectantly of 15 more years and by 2007 I should be feeling the effects and buying my death bed, needless to say that didn’t happen, although I did die in a head related injury but they resuscitated me back and put me on life support pumped me up with morphine to try to induce a comma to try to limit brain damage and swelling by dropping my blood pressure. Well I am still here today, despite many efforts to put me down. Due to my brain injury I am not able to go back to work doing what I have spent the last fifteen years doing driving truck/ 18 Wheeler, I was finally deemed fully disabled by Social Security Disability a qualified for Medicare, but medicare will only cover 80% of my bills and the cost of the hepatitis C treatment is going to be in the $50,000.00 range and I get $13,000.00 per year and it is quite a struggle to come up with any extras for new bills. So I found Humana had a supplementary  medicare plan that would cover the extra 20% even at no extra charge to me, because I am deemed low to no income, and now since I have quit the use of tobacco i.e. dip or chew my liver is not having to process nicotine as well as other toxins daily, I have moved towards a vegetarian diet due to nature of what vegetables do to help liver keep on functioning properly I am going to stop my use of beer from less than six beers per week to less than zero beers per week the cure is a twenty-four week time frame start to end puts the start on Tuesday 24th December and the final on June 10th, 2014. I am going to have to start working my way down south to hit south of the hurricane  zone by June 01, 2014.

Well here it is February 5th, 2014 and after much tooth and nail pulling with Humana Insurance group they have agreed to pay for my Script of Sovaldi 400mg and Ribasphere 1200mg per day to rid my body of Hepatitis C. the two drugs are $85,000.00 so it is best to get your insurance in-place before trying to spring this on who ever unknowingly. I got my first delivery of meds today by noon and I took the daily dose to see the effects on my body first without food then with food.

Feb. 7th 2014   Moving into day / dose 3 I have noticed the ability to sleep quite easily right after taking my meds. My doctor told me to go ahead and take both AM and PM doses of  Ribapak so I have been since it build up in your blood over time, side effects that I have noticed are really not noticeable I take my morning dose then go back to sleep and sleep until  3 or 4 PM, that might seem odd to you nut I spent the last 15 years working night shift so me sleeping at night is uncommon and sleeping during the day better for me and my body.

Sunday February 9, 2014

06:02 AM 5th day of treatment I noticed the first round of runny poop one side effect I had read about but was not told about. I hope this isn’t a trend it hit me late in the day around 24:00 but, other than the sleeping pattern I can’t complain, I thought it was really going to be much worse I am taking 1000 mg of Keppra twice a day AM/PM, 400 mg of Sovaldi once daily with 1200 mg/per day Ribapak tab, this is my daily diet of meds and all should be taken with water and food. Food is optional at this point for me due to a short lack of funds, until Wednesday.

Tuesday March 4th, 2014

11:56 AM     I just received my second 28 day round of Sovaldi they  come 28 in a bottle and 56 Ribasphere RibaPak, it seems the side effects are not near what I expected. Other than three or four days of diarrhea total spread over a month that was the biggest complaint I could have and really it could have been caused by diet more likely than the meds. On my visit to my Liver Doctor I had blood taken and really that is the only way to tell if the meds are working my ALT PLT scores were way down from the thousands to the 20-45 and my viral load was in the millions is now in the hundreds and that was taken on the 19th of February  two week into the program my doctor was quite happy with the results. I had to get on the phone about a week ago to light a spark under the asses at the pharmacy to get them moving on my refill I saw I was a week from running out of meds and I got on the phone to make sure they remembered and did not phucking forget. I got up this morning and took my daily doses of which were my last I had took my dog out and stopped by the office to see if UPS had delivered my meds and sure enough they were waiting on me for a change…

Tuesday March 25th, 2014

11:19 PM I have a week worth left from my second 28 day round. Not much to report as my health has been quite good no major issues to deal with I am glad I quit using tobacco twenty weeks ago for ThanksGiving 2013. I have had one or two really close calls where I had a cigarette in my mouth but I did not find a lighter to light up and I am glad I didn’t but with my last time I quit I added 45 pounds. This time I have lost 16 and kept them off thru  to today. I have noticed my immune system is failing some aspects like athletes foot I pick up at the YMCA, I read somewhere if your immune system was weak that you would be more susceptible to funguses that were not your normal. But I am getting better this next week I have a Liver Institute of Virgina appointment, as well as order my new script and make sure I don’t run out as they don’t put any extras in each bottle of pills.

Thursday April 17, 2014

I went to the Doctor’s on Tuesday for review and blood-work, my last results my viral load was almost zero which is where the Dr. expected it to be. I am not experiencing any adverse side effects to the medications which were not expected I was informed that if my viral load was at zero again my ribavirin would be lowered to 900mg from 1200mg per day which is a good thing and he should call me around Monday to address the blood work.

Tuesday May 20, 2014

On my last visit I went over the last test results with my Doctor, and my viral load was at zero, and tested negative for the hepatitis C in my blood which was for the first time in a long time. So how am I feeling? over all excellent I have not really felt bad while my liver is starting to heal it’s self, the Dr. says my color is good and he has noticed my tan is returning, my headaches are becoming fewer and less noticeable, I still get them but few and farther apart each time.

I am recording my experiences with Ribavirin 1200mg and Sovaldi 400mg daily dose, yes the $85,000.00 cure for Hepatitis C. If you are eligible for this cocktail and the price is worth your life, I am your Guinea Pig. My writings and experiences are my own and to the best of my ability described truthfully.

Saturday June 14, 2014

I went to The Liver Institute for my monthly appointment and my last blood tests results showed that I have been virus free for four months since starting Sovaldi 400mg and Ribavirin 1200mg daily. I have lost five pounds in this last month but I don’t think my med’s have not had anything to do with the weight loss. I am more than half way through treatment, I was afraid of the pegulated interferon treatments that were only about 75% successful and this treatment was more suitable for my existing seizor condition that is medically controlled and one of the side effects of interferon is that it brings on seizors and since I live on my sailboat that can or could be a serious problem with living on a boat. My Red blood count came up which was told to me that was unusual  but a good sign that my liver function is improving so they are not going to cut down on the ribavirin.

Saturday August 2, 2014

I used up the last script of Sovaldi and Ribavirin on the 22nd of July as my Dr. told me I was done with the meds, and now it will be a month for my next round of blood-work to check my viral load and platelet count and after the results another six months more blood-work and if still no sign of Hepatitis C then he will pronounce me cured then he will order blood-work done each year to keep a eye on my liver functions. In the last two months of the meds I dropped 10 pounds and then another five the next, but I have been feeling better each month and my sleep patterns have not changed. I still think I am going to have to live in-between Italy and Turkey so I can sleep when everyone else does, and I think that has more to do with my brain than with the new meds I was on. Best of luck, and I will keep you updated on my blood-work at six months then each year after wards or if anything goes wrong. I did read about the state of Organ was complaining about the cost of these meds and how they are thinking they should wait until your liver fails completely before approving payment with medicare and how we should spend trillions  on wars looking for weapons of mass distraction by dictators that never had them in the first place but as long as they are killing people they feel that are doing something worth while.

Sunday February 4, 2018

I see it’s been 3 years since my last post. I haven’t been back to my doctor since, I have not noticed any mood changes or variances other than weight gain about 65 pounds then I put myself on a diet of needed 90 essential minerals and vitamins through a company called Youngevity, so I buy the Healthy Body and weight loss pack 2.0 about three years ago I started with Youngevity after I did my research on it founder Dr. Joel Wallach, he started out his carrier as an agriculture vet, interested in pathology and causes of farm animals and then into exotics. He went back to college and got his MD, he worked with Merrill Pirkens  from the Mutual of Omaha series in South Africa then that project was over. Then later he got a call from Pirkens and was told he just got a grant to study the effects of pollution on animals as well as humans in close proximity to each other, some 30,000 autopsies  on both humans and animals later books and text books written he started a practice treating humans as he would farm animals with significant success. “I believe that 98% of the diseases out there are caused and can be cured through nutrition quite possibly Hepatitis C, I know that by me eating dandelions and milk thistle prolonged my life before treatment for Hept.C.”  So I knew that my body was lacking nutrition and the 90 for Life program gave me what my body was lacking. The first trial with the Healthy Body and Weight Loss Pack, I averaged a pound less per day, I gave up driving my van to ride my bicycle to Mc Donalds or SubWay, six miles round trip to get the daily deal once a day usually around 4 PM, and then some rice at night before bed and repeat. In the mornings I would ride the five miles to Hardie’s  for an egg sandwich then onto the YMCA five miles for free coffee and sauna and swimming then six mile ride back to the boat, most days.

I Myron T Babler started working out daily 10:30 PM to 1:30 AM 

1. I weighed myself 216.8 pounds my goal is to lose 56 pounds. I went to the gym it’s a 24/7 Snap fitness in Poquoson, VA so I don’t need to get there during the 9-5 hours. I have been used to the nightly trips to the bar or bar and grill. My health insurance policy comes with a free gym membership and this gym is the closest to my sailboat “Turandot” if you google; turandot yawl it will be the first one that pops up and you can see my sailboat. I am 45 years old and my boat is 50. With me going to the gym every night my bar tab has dropped to just about zero. Which is a good thing, I have “Hepatitis C”, and drinking is not good on my liver. I suffered a traumatic brain injury at work back in August 2007, spent 8 days in a morphine induced comma while the doctors were trying to keep me alive at John Peter-smith hospital in Ft. Worth, Texas. I spent another three months at home in bed trying to figure out what happened I still don’t fully remember. One day Im ending a shift at work and the next I’m lying in bed at home the rest is just blank and void with bits and pieces here and there.


2. After a few days of working out I found I weighed 214 pounds, I read about Garcinia Cambogia a mellon like fruit from Asia that was supposed to shed fat and pounds just by adding it to your diet so I bought a 90 day supply from WholeBody Research with a satisfaction guarantee 100% money back less the return shipping, for $110.00 and I bought it, it was on back-order, I used it for 45 days and dropped 6 pounds. Not the amazing loss like others in the test that they bragged about. I would have been happy with 15 or 20 pounds off but 6 are you kidding me? I called them and sent the shit back for a full refund. And just as promised they returned my $110.00. But I know the key to dieting and exercise now that works for me, it’s apples as snacks and a good breakfast or lunch. I have dropped an additional six pounds and I’m at 208, no beer, and mostly just water to drink, I still clean my plate but I order less food. Diet and Exercise that is the key.


3. My workouts, I try to find new mussel groups to stress each day concentrating on different body groups each day I am trying to build strength not bulk and to get rid of my love handles”belly” a nice six pack of abs and not the 18 pack I am carrying around with me now. I need pulling power for ropes and lines on my sailboat, I need lung capacity for free-diving for food next year, and this winter is when it is going to take place. I have added water and a teaspoon of baking soda and of Unsulphured black-strap molasses in a cup of water, not very tasty but rather good for your liver and key elements your body needs when building mussels. My belly is getting smaller and my mussels are feeling sore and it has started to feel good to stretch out everyday for a change. My flexibility is coming back, I am reading the labels on food before I buy them or eat them. 

vLeaf, Leaf, Leafit, What is Leaf? Leafit is a social media platform used for advertising on the web within the social networks and now working on a mobil App, as well as their own network similar to faceboox except for the selling of your personal info to the highest bidder like FaceBoox does. I started out with Leaf a few months ago at launch. At the time they were based out of Panama City, Panama, Now they have been purchased by a USA company and will be called Leafit, and keeping to the same idea of a social media group, the company out of Panama had it’s banking system in the UK, and due to the amount of fraud in the UK anytime I do any money things with banks in the UK red flags pop up all over my bank. The USA company is trying to get the banking system brought back over to the US side but it seems the UK banks are dragging their feet, because they know that they will no longer be getting the influx of US currency through their doors in the future. I have included a few of my links to vLeafit soon to drop the “v” as I have been told but here you can find a webinar on their expectations.    ….this is the link that you can view the webinar… Myron T Babler